There comes a time in every man’s life when he is forced to summarize his entire life in a few short paragraphs for the purpose of self promotion… this is one of those times.

Make no mistake about it, there is absolutely no reason why someone would publish a website about themselves, unless they had something to personally gain.  Sometimes it’s an ego thing, but most of the time it’s because they make money doing it.  Fortunately, the only ones that manage to make money from it happen to offer the most value to their visitors and leave their website, having learned something.

So if you like my content, then you’ll probably want to come back, sign up for my newsletter or otherwise keep an eye out for more content.  I guarantee you that at some point I may recommend a product and you may end up buying it.  I am compensated for referring you, you gain value from what you purchased and everyone is happy. (Kind of like when a friend refers you to DirecTV)

If for some reason, you are against me making money in this way, I really don’t recommend you sign up for my newsletter.  In fact, don’t come back – EVER, ’cause we won’t get along and I don’t need the stress.

Now, because I’m a little lazy and I’ve written plenty about myself via articles strewn across the internet, I am going to provide you the short bio I submitted for my 10 year high school reunion, and then you can click on any of the navigation links at the top of this page where I share some very entertaining and revealing articles.

Originally published in the Class of 1998, Bell High Eagles 10-Year Reunion Program:

Name: Fernando Ceballos

Occupation: Professional Spammer (I really did put this!)

Family: Same family I had when I graduated. Mom, 2 sisters and 1 little bro. Not married.

Interest: Entrepreneurship, travel, psychology, internet trends, personal development

After “graderating” from Bell, I went off to MIT for 4 years and had the time of my life… studied hard, partied hard and today have friends who also happen to be some of the most intelligent people in the world. It’s humbling to be gifted with this association.

MIT DegreeUSC Degree
I came back to L.A. after “graderating”, worked in Defense for 5 years on things I can’t talk about. I hated working there. I went to grad school at USC and earned a MS in Electrical Engineering, (I never used it).  About 2 years into my engineering career, I started an internet business with the sole goal being to quit my J-O-B.

After much work, many disappointments, many mistakes and frustration, I realized my goal and retired from Corporate America at age 27. I now run multiple internet businesses from my home with my business partner, Raymond Fong and sleep-in regularly.

I’m the author of Attraction Marketing Formula, an internet marketing course for network marketers – now in its 4th edition and I’m co-founder of SEO Networker, a consulting and education firm helping clients gain visibility for their businesses via the search engines.

Products by Ferny Ceballos

I’m also the co-creator of the No Excuses Summit, the largest annual generic business & marketing conference in network marketing, bringing together dozens of the highest authorities, income earners and marketers in the industry to teach attendees on how they created a multi-six, multi-seven or multi-eight figure incomes in the industry.

I dedicate myself towards helping others do the same, because nothing else gives me more satisfaction than to see someone I helped succeed.

Need Help Achieving Your Goals?

Like I’ve said above, my profession today consist of helping other people achieve their financial goals as a relates to their existing business or helping them start a new business using the internet.

If you followed the links above or even Google my name, my reputation and the results our customers, clients and team members produce speak for themselves.

The question is, what are you looking for?

Top Tier Affiliate Marketing (High Commission) from my experience, is the best way to make large sums of money quickly, if you have previous business, marketing or sales experience or are a fast learner and ready to RUN.

The only program I recommend is using the CarbonCopyPRO marketing & training system to promote Automatic Millionaire International (AMI) with David Bach, world’s leading authority on personal finance.

Commission potential range from $600 – $20,000 per sale, depending on the product sold and your qualification level.

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Network Marketing (Low Entry Cost, Strong Potential for Residual Income): Setting all your opinions about the juices, potions, soap MLM pitches you may have gotten from family members, the fact is Network Marketing is HOT right now, because of the crummy economy.

But like any good business decision, choosing what to sell has to be directly in line with good business principles and the demand of the market. When people are going broke, they don’t care about health, juices or keeping their home clean — they care about money and survival.

Promoting Gold and Silver coins via Numis Network is the only network marketing program I recommend, because it offers the following benefits:

1) Low Attrition (Autoship is silver coins and people like getting money in the mail)

2) It’s network marketing and everyone is searching for a way to make extra money right now — EVERYONE!

3) The product is something you actually want to have pile up in your garage (silver and gold coins!)

4) My team consist of the top internet marketers in the world, we’ve built a custom system to leverage our skills and make promoting Numis simple!

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Aside from business opportunities, if you are interested in coaching or consulting for your small or home based business, please email me at ferny@fernyceballos.com for more information.

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