Truce with Ann Sieg?

This is with regard to my previous post about Ann Sieg

So it might surprise many of you to hear that I just finished a hour long phone conversation with Ann Sieg and her son (biz partner) Isaiah.

We’ve decided to settle our differences with an intense Xbox LIVE game of Gears of War 2 – Death Match style!!!

just kidding. 😉

It was a very cordial conversation, we openly discussed how things had led up to this and we both took responsibility for our respective contribution to this shitstorm and have decided to move forward in a more positive direction… ::stay tuned for more::

And by “positive” I mean that her 24-year old son Isaiah will be filling in for mom in a no holds barred Xbox LIVE Death Match game of Gears of War 2.  Tickets go on sale soon!  (Actually I think this might be a real possibility… after their launch of course) 😉

Will post more details tomorrow…




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