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If you are looking at this page, you’re likely looking to get personally mentored! I love working with highly motivated and determined network marketers!

Over the past decade, I’ve personally led the charge and advocated for the Digital Network Marketing skills, which are now known across the profession as “Attraction Marketing”.

400 New Leads...21 Recruits...and $5,021 In Additional Commisions in The First 30 Days!

"I was a 10 year network marketing veteran, who was BURNT OUT and ready to walk away from this industry when I found Attraction Marketing Formula. At first I was skeptical, but the idea of having people I didn't even know reach out to me was refreshing. I got the program. Studied everything, took advantage of the free coaching calls and took action. In the first 30 days I generated 400 leads, 21 recruits and added $5,021 in additional commissions"

Robert Holman // Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

I Got 14,000 Leads Online and Quit my Full-Time Job in 5 Months

"Attraction Marketing Formula changed my life, since finding this training I generated 14,000 leads online and was able to quit my full-time job within 5 months"

Emma Jones  //  Wales, United Kingdom

I Teach and Coach Network Marketers the Following:

  • How to Build a Personal Network & Brand on Social Media
  • How to Build Funnels and Large Email List
  • How to Scale from Six Figures to Seven Figures in Network Marketing
  • How to Do Paid Advertising on Facebook & Other Social Platforms
  • How to Build Team Systems & Training Platforms to Scale Network Marketing Teams
  • How to Attract and Recruit 6-Figure & 7-Figure Earners to Your Company & Teams


Step 1:

​​​Before we work together, I’d like my students to have a fundamental understanding on how Attraction Marketing works!  I wrote a book 11 years ago, which I continue to keep up to date on the fundamentals of Digital Network Marketing.  This book and accompanying course is called, The Attraction Marketing Formula

You can purchase it here at a discount:


Once you’ve read that and gotten your head around the basics, you’ll also want to take advantage of the FREE coaching that come with the AMF course.

Step 2:

My first 2 years trying to learn Attraction Marketing / Digital Network Marketing on my own, spent over $150,000 and put myself in a deep financial hole because of what seemed like endless trial and error.

When I finally connected with a mentor who was willing to a) direct me on what to focus on and b) tell me what to ignore, my results and income exploded.

If you are looking for personal mentorship from me, you are probably in a place where you realize what you need is NOT more information.  Information is a commodity and there is no shortage of gurus selling courses in the network marketing space.

What you are looking for is strategic advice and direction which will help you cut through BS and compress the 2 years of trial & error I went through into 6 months or less of simplicity, then...

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