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If you are looking at this page, you’re likely looking to receive high level executive coaching or mentorship! I love working with highly motivated and determined digital entrepreneurs and network marketing leaders!

Over the past decade, I’ve personally led the charge and advocated for the Digital Network Marketing skills, which are now known across the profession as “Attraction Marketing”. Every year, I choose to personally work with 2-3 high level entrepreneurs on a 1-on-1 basis.

Here are a couple folks I've personally worked with...

"I've Personally Sponsored 6 Six-Figure and 7-Figure Earners... And Passively Attracted 11,036 Customers!

"I not only have the fastest growing team in my company, but over the past 4 years, I've personally sponsored 6 six-figure and 7-figure earners into my organization, built a brand following of over 73,000 and passively attracted 2987 total customers to me."
"I've also been able to create an incredible system for my team that creates massive duplication, which helped me rank advance very quickly. I can't thank Ferny enough for his wisdom and everything that he has shared with me to create the dream business that I was so desperately looking for."

Brandy Shaver // Gunnison, Utah

"I Was Able to Become a Top Earner Within 9 Months of Joining My Company and Hit the Top Rank 9 Months After That"

"Thanks to Ferny's mentorship, I was able to become a Top Earner within 9 months of joining my company and hit the top rank in my network marketing company 9 months after that. 
I've also been able to create a passive multiple 6-figure income in network marketing, while reducing the time I work on my business to 4 hours per week using training and duplication systems Ferny helped me design for my team.
The best part is that I have gotten these results without actively prospecting a single person at all.

Bec Sadek  //  Westfiled, New Jersey

I Mentor Network Marketers, Leaders and Entrepreneurs in the Following:

  • How to Build a Personal Network & Brand on Social Media
  • How to Build Sales Funnels and Grow Large Email List to Sell Any Offer
  • How to Scale from Six Figures to Seven Figures in Network Marketing
  • How to Do Paid and Organic Advertising on Social Media
  • How to Build Team Systems & Training Platforms to Scale Network Marketing Teams
  • How to Attract and Recruit 6-Figure & 7-Figure Earners to Your Company & Teams
  • How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Training Company With 100% Virtual Team
  • How to Manage Cashflow to Save for Taxes and Still Guarantee Fat Profit Margins, Regardless of Sales or Revenue Levels


Here's How We Can See if Working Together Will Be a Fit...

My first 2 years trying to learn Attraction Marketing / Digital Network Marketing on my own, spent over $150,000 and put myself in a deep financial hole because of what seemed like endless trial and error.

When I finally connected with a mentor who was willing to a) direct me on what to focus on and b) tell me what to ignore, my results and income exploded.

Since then, I've built businesses which have generated in excess of $30 Million dollars in gross income.

If you are looking for personal mentorship or executive coaching from me, you are probably in a place where you realize what you need is NOT more information.  Information is a commodity and there is no shortage of gurus selling courses in the digital and network marketing space.

What you are looking for is strategic advice and direction which will help you cut through BS and compress the years of trial & error into results quikcly...

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