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Hi, My Name is Ferny Ceballos....

I Help Today’s Network Marketer Deploy Social Media Driven Attraction and Enrollment Strategies to Grow Teams FAST!

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Hello and Welcome to Attraction Marketing!

My name is Ferny Ceballos and I work with network marketers like you who are motivated and serious about leveraging the full power of social media and digital marketing, to attract prospects, build influence and enroll new team members fast!  I’m a speaker, trainer, author, network marketer, husband and father.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve mastered the skills of “digital network marketing” and have helped literally thousands of underground network marketers transition to using high leverage strategies to build their brand & teams online and with social media.

My teachings are rooted in the timeless fundamentals of network marketing upgraded for the 21st century, while discarding the strategies and methods of network marketing’s past, which have only resulted in a lot of pain and suffering and tarnished the reputation of this amazing profession.

Unlike most network marketers who "social media prospecting & recruiting", I help my students deploy advanced strategies which passively attract qualified prospects who are ready to talk business, before there’s even been a single 1-on-1 conversation and without having to send hundreds of prospecting copy/paste messages to strangers or friends and without turning personal profiles into billboards for their opportunity. 


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